Friday | September 21, 2018

4PM       Opening: Historical Memory

Escoréu, December 24, 1937               


6PM       Antifascist Women

Milicianas                                             WORLD PREMIERE

Discussion with director Tània Balló, ICP’s curator Cynthia Young, and Professor María H. Ojeda.


8:30PM  Special Presentation

The Silence of Others

Discussion with director Almudena Carracedo.



Saturday | September 22, 2018

1:30PM  The Last US Colony


1950: The Nationalist Uprising            US PREMIERE

4PM       The Color of Memory

Spain in Two Trench                                    US PREMIERE

Discussion with Professors Josephine Labanyi and Juana Suárez.


6PM       Indigenous Rights and Environment

Guy Hircefield: a guy with a camera     US PREMIERE

American Arithmetic               


            The Panguna Syndrome                       US PREMIERE

                Discussion with filmmakers Molly Stuart [Guy Hircefield], Cathy Cain, and Alice Obar [Gracie].

8:30PM   Systemic Poverty

Loser by Birth                                      NY PREMIERE

Books Are My Weapon               

            Acting Erratically    

            Circle Up                                            

                Discussion with filmmakers Alice Obar [Books], and Christopher Paul Harris of the Black Youth Project.

+ Reception party


Sunday | September 23, 2017


1:30 PM Double-Bill: Deportation, Migration, and Exile

A Tale of Two Borders         


What Would You Pack?         

               2,300 Miles To Work                            US PREMIERE

TRANSIT                                              US PREMIERE

Discussion with director Sara Gozalo of the New Sanctuary Coalition.

+ Brunch 

               In Exile: A Family Film                             NY PREMIERE

               Discussion with director Juan Francisco Urrusti.

6 PM      The Crisis of War

               Land of Doom                                                 US PREMIERE

               Winter in Europe                                            US PREMIERE

               Discussion with director Polo Menárguez.

8:30PM   Embodied Memory


                Djamilia                                                           US PREMIERE

                Discussion with director Farideh Sakhaeifar and choreographer Isabel Umali.


               + Awards Ceremony

All screenings to be held at DCTV

87 Lafayette Street

New York NY  10013

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